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Purchasing can be one of the most costly investment you'll make in your lifetime.  Over 70% of Americans consider their real estate acquisitions to be their most valuable asset.  This is why it's important to be educated before you buy.  At Hilton Realty Inc. we pride ourselves on not only educating the buyer but also providing a strategic plan to success.  We provide the support and diligent work that it requires to find a good investment and the guide that it requires to reduce stress. 

  • Expert Property Acquisition Evaluation

  • Referrals to High Quality Contractors

  • Strategic Construction Plans

  • Design Information

  • Detailed Research Report on Property

  • Professional Opinion & Approach on locations

  • Customized Property Evaluation

  • Available professionals throughout all aspects of the sale

  • Assistance Partners (bank, attorney, inspectors.) until the Closing 

  • Professionals Negotiator working on your side

  • Customized Stamp for Closing (optional)

  • We also contribution to charities

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